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Griggs Park Flyer.pdf
An anti-apartheid rally in Griggs Park on June 22, 1985

Riggins_ Egbe_Eegunjobi.pdf
This pamphlet highlights the history, services, and events of Egbe Eegunjobi.

DPL Texas Apartheid File - 1987-02-24 Special Legislative Report(1).pdf
A report of the political, legal, and financial arguments for and against divestment legislation in the Texas legislature.

Uniting Against Racism, Poverty, and War Program Agenda
A Multi Ethnic Symposium agenda for the Conference on Uniting Against Racism, Poverty, and War. Held at SMU on Saturday, September 20, 1986.

1990_10_23 (1).pdf
Students and parents of Southern Methodist University have varied feeling about the shanty exhibit built by the group Advocates for Peace in Global affairs which was designed to protest Southern Methodist Universities investments in South Africa.

Article reporting on the events of Apartheid week at Southern Methodist University, including student and faculty panel discussions.

Article In The Daily Campus, "Apartheid, Divestments Concern Campus"
Article regarding apartheid and divestment concerns on the campus of Southern Methodist University in 1985.

Advance agenda for the Advocates for Peace in Global Affairs organizational meeting on November 7, 1990, at SMU addressed to Bob Cooper.
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